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Website looks great! Now let's drive some traffic...

We pride ourselves on being full service, and are always here to help, but we have come to realize that many of our customers are far too busy to do some of the things that are key to establishing a strong web presence. - Maybe you don't have time to gather website Analytics, post to Facebook, and send a shopping feed to Google.  Maybe someone internally is currently trying to accomplish these things, but they are not getting them done consistently, and it has become a huge drain on resources. 

You have a business to run, and you need to stay focused on what you do best, running your business - We could probably muddle through installing a commercial kitchen (well, maybe not), but it would take too long, cost ten times as much, and when we were done the stove would not light. The Internet is what we do best, we have been doing it since 1994 and have helped hundreds of businesses achieve their online goals - Let us help you with a few other things we feel are crucial to establishing a website that drives your business. 

Monthly Analytics

"You cannot manage what you don't measure", and this is true of your companies web presence. Who has time to check your search engine position under various search terms? Google Analytics can be provide incredible insight, but their interface can be confusing, and the information overwhelming. You can spend more time gathering it than actually it.

Every month Merchant Engine will deliver concise reports on your traffic, index positioning, demographic reach, site speed, entry/exit pages, and search keywords to your inbox. This will be followed by a conference call to identify opportunities and discuss strategy.

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Montlhy Email Blast

A professionally done email newsletter can drive customers to your website, help you move overstocked, and get the word out about current promotions. If done correctly, it provides a constant "touch" with existing customers so they are sure to think of you when they are ready to buy.

Merchant Engine will send professionally design Graphic (HTML) “specials" or “holiday" flyer to your existing customer list, customized with 2-8 products of your choice. We have partnered with Constant Contact to help us provide email blast services to our customers.  All mailings abide by current regulations, and contain "opt-out" links.

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Adwords & Shopping Feeds

Submitting items to comparison shopping services like Google, and paying "per click" for traffic can be an extremely effective... OR it can be a black hole of wasted money. We have been managing PPC ad budgets for over 20 years and can help you avoid the many pitfalls of selecting and bidding for keywords. In other words, we have made mistakes that you don't have to.

Service includes both Google Adwords and Merchant Center account setup, weekly submission of your shopping feeds to Google, and bid management to keep you within budget. All the services in our "Analytics" package come standard as well. 

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Craig's List Posting

Craig's list get 80 billion page views per month... Yes, you read that right, with a "B" - 80 BILLION page views. By definition Craig's list is local and it is a great way to drive traffic both to your website and to your store. Unfortunately it is time consuming, and to be effective you need to "re-post" items to keep them at the top of the categories you choose.

Merchant Engine will submit 10 used (or new) items to your local Craig's List, and will then re-post those items (or different ones) each month.  All you do is tell us which items you want posted, how to price them, and we take care of the rest. Monthly fee includes Craig's List charges.

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Used Item Management

Competition on the Internet is intense, margins can be razor thin, and the higher the dollar sale, the worse it gets. The margins on used equipment can be twice that of new, but the problem is nobody has time to post newly aquired items to the website, and then take down the pieces that have sold.

Merchant Engine can take care of all of this for you - Simply email us photos, decsriptions and pricing, then we take care of the rest.  We will add all items to your database, create categories & specials pages so items are seen on every page of your website, post all items to Craig's List, and even add them to your Facebook page.  

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The "JUST DO IT" Plan

We take care of everything but answering the phone - Want your selling price raised on some items? - Done. Your freight tables need adjustment? Send us the rates. Want a new slider for the home page? - Tell us what you want it to say, and where you want it linked.  You get the idea.

Monthly fee includes all other services, analytics, monthly email blast, etc... Tell us what you want, we will take care of it. We become your web development department, social networking expert, online marketing guru, and graphics guy all rolled into one, for the cost of hiring 1/4 of an employee (if you can find one).

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