Merchant Engine Ecommerce Platform

The Merchant Engine hosted Ecommerce Platform is a secure, powerful, flexible tool for attracting customers and selling online.  All of the initial configuration and customization is done by us per your instructions, and we can pre-populate with thousands of products from your industry.  You can usually launch in under 1 month, and begin selling immediately.  

Public Interface

  • Mobile responsive
  • 99.98% availability
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Search optimized
  • Full CSS design access
  • Customer login access
  • Customer Wish Lists
  • Customizable Help Pages

Back Office

  • Integration
  • PCI Compliant Security
  • One Click XML Shopping Feeds
  • Custom Auto Emails
  • Flexible Discount Codes
  • No HTML Required
  • Product Import Export
  • Tracking Number Import

Services Included in All Packages

All the services below come included with our Content Management and Ecommerce software packages.  Our goal is very simple. We want to take the task of building a quality Internet presence for your small business completely off your plate, so can be free to do what you do best... Run your business.  We have been creating and managing websites since 1994 and we can point an A record, or setup an email box in our sleep.  Let us take care of it, it is not difficult, and you should not have to deal with it.

Merchant Engine DNS Registration & Management

This includes paying all registration & yearly renewal fees. If you have a domain and would like to keep it at the existing registrar, we can still manage your domain records through an offsite. Whether you register the domain, or we do, you always retain ownership.

Benifits of managed DNS

  • Error free configuration
  • Professional, comprehensive execution
  • Search friendly setup
  • Automatic Renewals

Services Included

  • We pay all registration and renewal fees
  • We configure MX records and setup email boxes
  • Make any changes you require
  • We install and configure all secure certificates
Need to add a TXT record?  Create a subdomain?  Alter an MX record? 

checkmark We take care of this for you!

Merchant Engine High Bandwidth Hosting

All of our applications are professionally hosted at a Tier 1 data center in Modesto, California, at a facility with redundant cooling systems, centralized UPS power, standby diesel generator, and FM-200 fire supression systems.  With our services you will never have to upgrade a server, apply a software patch, or worry about a firewall again.  Over the past 10 years we have achieved 99.93% uptime for both web applications and email.

Benifits of Managed Hosting

  • Security - We worry about hacking, DoS attacks, malware, etc...
  • Speed - Hosting facility has virtually unlimited bandwith.
  • Redundancy - Failover backups on all servers and routers.
  • Scalability - A traffic spikes means more business, not a down server
  • Hardware - Latest greatest, without paying for upgrades.
  • Daily Backups - Sort of goes without saying.
Need to apply the latest software patch? Add more bandwidth?

checkmark Nope, we already did it... One less thing to worry about!

Corporate Email

All Merchant Engine Ecommerce and CMS packages include up to twenty 5GB company mail boxes, with additional boxes available at $5 per month. This includes all configuration, setup, and ongoing adjsutments. If you prefer to manage the email yourself, we will give you access to the tools, and provide support.

Benifits of Hosted Email

  • Reliability - Includes 99.99% uptime guarantee, daily backups, on demand archiving and unlimited aliases.
  • Cost - A fraction of the cost of maintaining your own mail server, and a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring an IT professional to manage, patch, and upgrade that email server.
  • Credibility - An email coming from is vastly different than one coming from
  • Branding - Every time you send an email from a hosted account, you are putting your domain and your brand in front of your customers, prospects, and vendors.
  • Stability - Internet providers offer free email accounts such as and, but change providers and these disappear.
  • Process - Compartmentalized email addresses for billing, shipping, and customer support not only make you look more professional, but streamline your organization.
Need to add an email box for a new employee? Create an alias for the new marketing campaign?

checkmarkCall us and have one less thing on your to do list!